3 powerful morning routine for writers to maintain productivity and creativity

Samuel Madu
3 min readSep 22, 2023
Photo by Daria Obymaha via Pexels

If athletes can have this powerful morning routine around them why can’t writers? Why should writers be different?

We both practice and need the same type of discipline to be great at what we do and consistent at it.

But writers never see it this way, many writers still think they have to be in the wimps of creativity and motivation to get anything.

They feel like if they are not feeling like it then it must not be done and everything should be postponed till the motivation kicks in.

No athlete lives like this and the ones that live like this are not even called athletes. Maybe we can pass them for gym enthusiasts but not athletes.

Athletes live a dedicated life with a dedicated time and schedule. Nothing is left to chance in the life of an athlete, be it pro or intermediary level.

He must show up when it is time to and give no excuses. Nothing must bind him to motivation because it doesn’t exist in the first place.

Great writers are known to create this type of life and routine for themselves. Creating an environment that works for them with these 3 methods.

1- Thinking about nothing- The morning is not a time to start thinking and figuring things out. The morning is for execution. Wake up and execute like a soldier. There’s no time to think about anything

Get your topic ready before you go to bed, and draft it out in an outline way. Write all the bullet points. Get everything ready and keep it close to your laptop or whatever you write on

2- Remove distractions- What are distractions to you? You have to know this and eradicate it, especially in the morning.

For me, it is realizing no text or email is important. No calls, phone on DND till I am done writing.

Make sure you eradicate anything that serves as a distraction to your workflow in the morning

3- Be prepared- Don’t start preparing to write in the morning, it is crazy. It delays you, exhausts you, and removes your creativity out of you

This is why many people say they are never creative in the morning when the morning is the perfect time to be creative.

They spend the time they are supposed to use to go at it and get things done preparing to write.

You have to have everything ready to go before bed the day before. Everything should be arranged and kept precisely where they need to be so you get up in the morning and go straight at it

So here you have it. These are my 3 powerful morning routines for higher productivity and creativity

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