As a writer and creative what is your brand message?

Samuel Madu
2 min readDec 21, 2023


Photo by Brian Jr Asare via Pexels

It is easy to look at businesses and say they are the only ones that need a brand message and creatives and artists alike have no use for that.

Nobody that doesn’t needs a brand message and as a writer or creative you need to define what you represent for anybody to take you seriously in the first place.

As creatives, we are not doing that by telling the world about our product and what our company stands for. We are not trying to define something that doesn’t have a life of its own, we are not trying to give life to something that has no life

This is the difference between us and some businesses trying so hard to communicate something they stand for. What we already stand for is in front of people and it is up to us to consciously show that part of us in a way that is interesting and appealing

You are your brand message and to show that you have to go within and discover who you are in the midst of all the chaos of creation.

People must read your content and build an image of who you are and what you stand for. What you stand for is there in those words you write and in those things you create.

We can read our favorite writers and quickly tell who this person is and what they are all about in their message. That is your brand, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick, and it should be there in the face of your audience

The path to brand message for creatives differs from that of the business world. Just like I said earlier we are not trying to give life to something lifeless, we are not trying to fuse worlds and come up with something. We are already that thing.