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Samuel Madu
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I met a writer who told me they never publish because they are scared of looking phony and lack the right credentials to discuss a certain topic

I asked him if he knew this topic and could address it if woken by 3 AM to speak in front of people and he said yes

At that moment I came to this realization that people still think they need permission in this information age we are living in.

If you think you understand your topic and that topic can go on to help people why do you hesitate to write on them? Why do you put yourself in situations where you feel you need permission to write about a topic?

Writers first and foremost are information gatherers and as information gatherers, it is our work to tell the world of our findings. We don’t need permission to do that as long as we know exactly what we are trying to write about

The information age has allowed us to test our curiosity and know how far they can take us. The idea of being an expert is something of the old, something that fell along with the Berlin Wall of the Cold War era.

So many independent writers are chasing their curiosity now and are gaining supporters by just bringing the information they are curious about to the public that shares the same curiosity.

We live in a world where people are less and less interested in the words of an expert and rigid field expertise. People are gravitating towards the passionate. Those who are interested in the things they are interested in.

We want to listen and read the words of people who are deep into our curiosity and not someone forced to read some books for a living. We need that street knowledge for our curiosity.

The audience has gone from 5-star rating restaurant meals into street oily and tasty meals and you can’t blame them for that. They want originality of ideas, they want passionate students who teach also.

It is your advantage as a writer to capitalize on these needs and make it your strong point. Kill the need and desire to appear like an expert and give the people the originality they want.

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