Finding your voice and its uniqueness

In a crowded world where a million voices are trying to get heard, it will always be difficult finding your voice or for the individual to find that part of him/her that isn’t there in others. An old friend of mine will always tell me Samuel you can’t be anything new in the world and know that all the space has been taken.

He believes all the space has been taken just like the majority of the people reading this believes all the space has been taken too, that they can never be anything new and can never contribute anything new in the world.

To many of us, the word uniqueness doesn’t carry much meaning and we can’t see ourselves being separate from the herd.

The meaning of finding our voice

What is it like to find our voice and be the sensation in a group of people? Finding our voice isn’t about being special but having the knowledge of who we are, how to express that person we are, understanding our shortcomings and ability in a world where everyone is sounding like everyone, and believing that they are everyone.

My grandfather uses to say that it takes a man of courage to stand up and embrace his existence. Every day I take up these words and print them on my chest. Knowing that every day I am living a life of courage

To embrace yourself, your shortcomings, your insecurities and securities, your taste, your views, and your existence is to choose to live life courageously and those who do live like that do that unapologetically.

How I came upon finding my voice

How can you rise to this place where you live life courageously. Where you can wear your truth in you and walk around with it without the care of someone judging you for it?

If you ask me how I came to find my voice in a crowded world I will tell you it came from the pain of not knowing myself. I don’t know if other people feel this pain but there’s a particular pain in the heart that comes from living a lie and being scared to show the world who you are.

The ability to have something in you but be scared to showcase that gift can be the most frustrating thing or time of your life.

I knew I had something to say, something to tell the world, something to showcase myself but this fear kept bringing me down

You know I use to look at my phone and see the people who were doing what I am doing now and tell myself there’s nothing new I can contribute to this. I use to feel like I was not born to do this because everyone was already saying the same thing I have been saying.

Just like my old friend who was denying himself a chance of being something I denied myself a chance of being something but thank God not for long.

My transformation came from talking to a homeless man on the street. This man had the most brilliant ideas you could think of, he had the mind, he had the stories and he had the intellect. One thing he said to me that really stuck was “Don’t waste your youth trying to be someone else”

I am looking at all these people online on the self-development space and to me, all these people don’t match this man’s ideas and intellect and if this homeless man that once had it all could tell me I have what it takes then I might have what it takes.

It takes the most unpleasant situation to wake us up from a reality that is threatening our strength and I hope this episode will be it.

How you can come upon finding your voice

I started realizing that there’s nobody that knows my story and there’s nobody in the world that could tell my story better than I could. That is the meaning of uniqueness, that is the meaning of finding my voice.

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There are 7 billion people out there in the world and there’s just only me, imagine, just only me with my existence and experience. Now, what a shameful thing it will be if I die with this experience, gift, and talent without you finding me.

Enough of me it is time for you. You think you have nothing to contribute but you are lying to yourself or if not lying to yourself you are not looking within yourself realize the power you have.

I don’t know your story but I believe there’s nobody that can tell your story and experience more than you can do, nobody can express your ideas and views more than you.

Imagine you are a banker and have full knowledge of the banking and finance industry now you might be thinking that there are several other bankers out there in the world who know what you know right? but no one has a personal view of the banking and finance industry like you do.

The five key points in finding your voice

  • Nobody could tell people about you like you
  • Nobody shares the same view of the world like
  • Be comfortable saying your weird habits because that is what makes you you
  • Talk about why you love the things you love
  • Even if you lack in life experience share that lack and how little you know. It makes you you.

These are the things that make you unique. People think being unique or finding your voice is a complex game but it isn’t.

Over at my Patreon community where I write solely on finding your voice, beating doubt, and fleshing out to your highest purpose and real self I will be discussing and expanding on these 5 key points and how you can go about it. You can join us here

To share this article is your little way of supporting and encouraging me and I thank you for that.




The teachings and writings of high priest

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Madu Samuel

Madu Samuel

The teachings and writings of high priest

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