How I prepare my writing and create ideas

Samuel Madu
2 min readNov 15, 2023
Photo by Maheshwaran Shanmugam via Pexels

I talked about the retention of ideas yesterday and how we can learn to keep the ideas that come to us when we are not ready for them.

Those types of ideas are the unconscious processes of ideas. We don’t go searching for them when we are trying to write or create anything. They come to us and bless us with profoundness.

But one thing about these types of ideas is that they are great but they can’t be banked on. There will be some days where you will need to think and find answers yourself. This is the conscious pursuit of ideas

People do find and create ideas differently but not everyone knows how to do that on a steady and conscious level. This part of idea hunting is what we call brainstorming.

What is your process for brainstorming and how do you navigate your way around the so much noise to find the important part of your ideas?

I like starting with a statement, a point, and a topic because that lets me know where and how to look. When you have a blank slate and don’t know what to search for it can be difficult to know where to look

When you know what you want to write about or discuss it is easy to know which book, articles, and blog can help you through in your research and idea hunting.

The funny thing about this is that most times the topic we pick or things we decide to write about rarely becomes the thing we finally write about.

As long as you allow your curiosity to drive you you might end up finding something great to write about.

Creating ideas is first being comfortable with your curiosity and open to whatever you find on your way to those ideas. When you are stuck on a path or a thought you might miss the big idea demanding your attention and that’s why flexibility is required.