How I retain most of my writing ideas even while sleeping

Samuel Madu
2 min readNov 14, 2023
Photo by Oscar Portan via Pexels

Ideas are the bedrock of every writing career. You can be great at writing but when you are lacking in the right ideas it becomes difficult to practice that writing.

It is not about the writing. It is about the idea. The idea makes the writing, it gives the writer something to talk about and an initiative to discuss with his or her fanbase.

The ideas you produce make you stand out and keep the readers coming back for more. The stronger your idea the better your expression and writing.

In as much as you put effort into sharpening your writing skills, more effort should be put also into building great ideas for yourself.

People come up with their ideas differently. Some people stay in that conscious state of searching for ideas while some find ideas come to them even when they are not searching for one.

Regardless of the approach to how your ideas come to you, there should be a system around it to create, think, and retain the ideas you come across in your day.

I will be starting this series with ideas retention. Along the line, we move to creating and thinking.

The best ideas come to us when we are not searching for them so how do we retain this idea and make sure they never leave us?

One thing about ideas is that if you are not paying attention to them when they come you lose them and if you are not making use of them when they come they stop coming

They are like heavenly gifts that expect us to cherish them and keep them safe somewhere. Utilize them and make the best out of them.

How I approach this problem is by keeping an open journal close to my bedside. This Journal is never closed, always open with a pen in the middle.

Even while I sleep and enjoy my time in outer space it is open and waiting for me to report back what I just found from roaming the dreaming world.

When I am not at home and busy with my days my phone notepad and voice note become the greatest weapon in my arsenal when idea hunting.

Your phone notepad and voicenote will help you retain ideas more but not as much as a notebook. There’s a feeling to writing a feeling that you can never beat and it will go on to improve your memory