How writers can consistently publish amid all the doubts and insecurities

Samuel Madu
2 min readSep 21
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What makes you a writer is your ability to have your work read by people. Without publishing your work, you are yet to be one.

It is our job as writers to be of service to people and that service is letting them into our minds and sharing our ideas with them.

But it can be difficult at first. There’s always an insecure feeling when it comes to sharing our work. In that feeling, we feel we are never ready yet.

We give so many excuses why we are not letting our work into the world and why it is never ready.

I have been there as a writer and there’s one way I have known to get out of that place of insecurity and doubt.

As a writer, our writing is a vulnerable piece of ourselves and it can be difficult to share that vulnerable side of ourselves with strangers when we haven’t built the confidence to do so.

But it can be solved and the way around such a solution isn’t complex but a simple, conscious pursuit in the right direction.

First, you have to get the confidence to share. If you can’t dive deep into the ocean then make a pond for yourself.

Create a friendly group of writers or friends. These people can serve as your personal and intimate critics. The goal is to always write and share with this group consistently.

You have to do it consistently until it starts feeling like you are dead when you don’t share things with this group. It has to feel that way unless you are not putting in any effort.

Eventually, you will get comfortable with the criticisms from these friends and you will get tired of the ponds. It is inevitable for humans to seek growth.

Your nature will drive you to the ocean and you will begin to have the urge to share more with larger crowds with bigger teeth.

Humans are people of habits and once you begin to do something in the smallest way you start realizing the obstacles are no longer there.

At this moment you are no longer looking from the outside but now you are playing the game and tackling the obstacles you have been scared of all these while

Things that were hard become easy and you find yourself enjoying the gift of momentum. Rather than jump straight out into the ocean start small with the pond.

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