If it is entertaining it is everlasting

Samuel Madu
2 min readDec 30, 2023


Photo by Monica Silvestre via Pexels

Seriously that’s something I have come to understand as a creator and writer. The more entertaining it is the more people will come back for it.

Entertainment is a drug, it is addictive, and sometimes like salt, without it, the food you serve as a creator becomes tasteless.

As humans, we want to be entertained. Maybe only some people are interested in laughing but everyone is interested in being entertained. Distracted for a minute or more.

Life is too busy, harsh, and hard and that is why humans yearn for things that reduce the friction or distract them from everyday life. The everyday man looks up to the creatives to provide this form of distraction from his or her harsh experience.

So you see not fusing entertainment as a creator, artist, and writer into what you do is not a disservice but also detrimental to whatever you have going on.

Your ability to get and maintain attention makes you stand out from other creatives. It doesn’t matter if you understand all the rules and principles of what you do if you can’t keep the audience glued then you have a big problem.

Sometimes most creatives think to be entertaining they must be funny and witty. That also plays a part and I can’t lie to you but the most entertaining pieces I have seen are pieces that play on human emotion.

For something to be entertaining it must first be captivating and ignite an emotion in the mind of whoever engages with it.

It can be as simple as passing on information yet adding a touch of storytelling to it or making it seem like it is a fun ride.

The one thing about entertainment is that it breaks any barrier of attention and with good storytelling, people are going to stick around till the end and give you your flowers.