Inability to predict trends result in most business failure

When you look at us human you will notice a collective movement in how we do things, human wants and needs are not in a constant place, it is evolving, rotating and changing. Our taste grows and it dies then we hunger for something new. It is the job of the businessman to keep up with this change and probably predict trends.

Change happens just like that and if you are not adapting then you will be left behind. Business deals people, market is people. People want and need to move the market and to be a prosperous businessman you have to know how to predict trends

The ability to predict trends is the same thing as finding gold. To sit down and pick out the movement of people even before they start making those movements is like having a machine that prints money.

In every industry, we all think being able to provide the demands of the latest trends is where money lives but we are wrong and the thinkers and innovators around us know this fact.

Whatever is in vogue to the masses is already gone, the human train of wants and desire is too fast especially in this era of great capitalism. Everyone is fighting to push their ideas and innovation down the throat of the masses

So thinking to satisfy the latest trend is like thinking to serve a man what he had yesterday today. People eventually get tired of consuming the same old meal every day.

To make a huge amount of money is to predict trends and create the next trend even before the masses begin to understand and demand what that trend should be

They say people don’t know what they want until they are told what to want, yes that might be true but collectively people tell you what they want and it is the businessman who has eyes beyond what the masses is seeing or the average person is seeing can pick out the mass demand while it is still hidden.

The herd mentality plays a part in pushing out-trend but trends are first brought to the masses by the so-called liberal spirits who aren’t afraid to try something new.

Though the mass collectiveness moves in the direction and changes its taste it doesn’t just appeal to everyone overnight. This is where creating the next trend or trying to predict trends becomes difficult

In as much as the businessman can be great at picking out this movement, he should also be great at presenting it to the right crowd, without that it won’t get the recognition it was meant to get.

A lot of great products and ideas happen to come upon us every day, great innovators happen to predict trends within our society but many of these ideas, products, and innovations don’t make it to the market talk less of getting to the consumer it was made for.

When you predict trends who are they for.

The beautiful thing about trends is they are not created to be trends. Trends are just like hit songs, they are good and appealing but they become a mass sensation by luck. Everyone who goes on to make a hit song didn’t go about trying to make a hit song

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Every trend wasn’t made to be a trend, it just appealed to a particular kind of community, audience, or people and those people end up spreading the word to make it a mass appeal.

The masses move in a particular direction and wants and desires change but creating a product that tends to satisfy the wants of everybody at that particular moment will lead to a product that flops in the market.

People are market and people are business, people will only relate to things that feel personal to them and speaks their language just like music.

A product that becomes a trend is a product that speaks to a particular kind of people because the taste is different and because this product speaks to a particular kind of people these people go out to make it a trend

Though you can predict trends you don’t make the trend, the people whom you are trying to speak to makes the trend, the masses want and desire changes, you predict the change about to happen in the market place but the people decide if it’s a hit or not.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.



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