It is an illness to choose to write without publishing your ideas

Samuel Madu
2 min readSep 7
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What are you waiting for and why do you pile up your writing without seeking any visibility? Why would you choose to create without sharing?

I know exactly who you are. You have talents but you have no judgment and you are scared of that thing called judgment too.

It sounds fun to tell people that you are a writer, It sounds fun to feel like you are telling your stories through the written word but why will you deprive yourself of the most critical fun you can ever have?

I know being in front of people and an audience and having your work read and judged can be too much but there are some things in life we can’t escape

The moment you signed up to be a writer, you signed up to be a public property. You have given a little bit of your right to the public. The public now owns you because without them most of the things you write are meaningless

We write for people. To entertain them, to educate them, or to pass on information to them. Since man figured out words and how to write it has been the second best way to communicate (if not the best).

So to write is to share. You are not writing for yourself. Writers who want to tell themselves that or think they are writing for themselves are hiding from something, hiding from a truth they are afraid to say to themselves.

Stop trying to control the narrative. Stop trying to control how things turn up and how the audience receives your writing. It is because you are trying to control so much that is why you are not publishing and sharing your work out there.

There are many things we don’t have the power to make work. You can have all the money to promote your writing but you can’t force people to appreciate and resonate with the things you write about.

That is the funny thing about life. How less of a control we have but we can push past that by deciding to do the things we can control and doing it well

You can write your stories and hit publish and know that that is all you have to do and that is your part to do in the game of life. Let every other thing figure itself out.

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