Napolean said ‘imagination rules the world’ but most especially in business too

Samuel Madu
2 min readJan 22, 2024


Photo by Edgars Kisuro via Pexels

Life is simple if we know who we are, who needs us, and our friendship. Life will be simple if we know our true friends and what they demand from us. Life will be simple if we are not to second-guess our position in people’s lives.

If we can have all the answers and know what to do and when to do it, know who needs it and who wouldn’t be interested in it we can save ourselves from a lot of stress in life.

This also applies to business and how we deliver our products or services to the public. Everything will be simple if we know who wants the things we are offering and provide these things to them. It wouldn’t be that hard to run a business with such information

Many businesses think that is outside their control and they have to spread wide to find the answers to their products and services and get the customers they desire to patronize their business.

Rarely those this ever work unless you have the marketing budget of Coca-Cola, Macdonalds, Apple, or Google. Remember all these brands are conglomerates and can afford to go wide because the world knows what they do and what they offer.

As a small business or business with no such capital, you want to be smart and I mean heavenly smart with your approach to the market and how you tend to interact with this market especially online.

The online place is officially a marketplace of noise and the audience is already tired of where they throw their attention and this is why you have to make it easy to be seen by those interested in what you are offering.

It is not about posting and creating content for your brand but it is about doing it in a way where you psychologically create an impression of your brand in the minds of people and customers

Napoleon said imagination rules the world, which is true in all aspects of life. You should be able to paint a picture in the minds of people especially when it comes to what you offer online.

You might be the 500th person selling something online but how you sell, market, and show off your brand matters.