Overcoming the feeling of being trapped by life's regrets and mistake

Mistakes and regrets are part of life, they are what comes with being a human and things everyone has to go through while on this earth plane

Some things can’t be avoided and as long as life calls for decisions to be made to survive we will find ourselves falling short in some and excelling in others.

The regrets and mistakes we come upon in life are a result of living. Holding yourself up and trapping yourself because of them is holding you from living.

The only way to get out of the storm is to keep moving. Keep moving to a better place. When you choose to remain stuck you start thinking the storm is there to last forever.

Being trapped by your regrets and refusing to live is you standing in the middle of the storm and having yourself think that there’s no escape from it.

Overcoming this feeling is all about perception. It is heavily determined by how you see the world and how you see yourself.

A better narrative has to be formed, you need to start seeing yourself in a new light and remove yourself from the image of a victim

You need to forgive yourself, your choices, and your decisions. We stay stuck on our mistakes because we think we should have known better but if you can reframe the mind to understand that the better you know now can be used for future purposes the pain will be bearable.

Every mistake in the past serves a better purpose in our future. We now know what choices to make and the ones to avoid. We now have better decision-making skills.

If we can just look at the strength that our mistakes and regrets have brought upon us we can begin to properly utilize them and avoid being stuck on them

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