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Samuel Madu
3 min readSep 15
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There is a lot of writing advice out there on the internet, some are great while some are trash but there is one that tops all and makes everything else irrelevant

This advice makes everything look foolish when it comes to writing because without it nothing else matters at the end of the day

It is the beginning and the end of writing, it is where everything starts from and what writers should focus on first.

A lot of writers don’t know it yet but it will make their work stand out and look great if they can learn the basics of this and stick to it for a long time.

Many writers search the internet for writing advice but pay no attention to this simple great writing advice. They devote so much time searching for advice that improves their writing but yet ignore this one.

The funny thing is every writer is aware of this advice, it is in front of everyone who has decided to take writing seriously and build a career in it.

Yet writers tend to ignore it for whatsoever reason they tell themselves and everyone seems to suffer from it at the end of the day for ignoring it.

I remember when I started writing and how I ignored this advice or tried to hide in the shadows for so long. But it was there all along begging and asking that I utilize it.

We fail to use it because it is easy, we think writing should be complex and delicate, we treat writing and our creativity like it is a live baby and by that feel like it is only the complex lessons that bring results.

Life starts from the basics, it starts by understanding one thing and going ahead to see that one thing influence everything else in the world

That is the same thing as writing too. When you understand the basics, when you understand how they go on to affect every other thing you will come to realize how chasing writing advice up and down the internet and in books is a waste of time

To those who have been struggling for a long time with their writing career and trying to write well and be known for it the only writing antidote and advice that matters is to publish continuously

Never stop publishing, never go a day without writing something and putting it out there into the world. The way to break out of any doubt in your writing career is to publish. The way to improve your vocabulary and how you write is to continuously publish

That is the beginning of every writing advice that you will ever need on the web or in this life and that is where everything starts from

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