The brand strategy approach for small business in 2024

Samuel Madu
2 min readDec 28, 2023


Photo by Tim Mossholder via Pexels

The most uncreative people are the people running small businesses but you can’t blame them for such an approach

Of people running small businesses 9 out of 10 are without help, doing things with less labor, and are running on a tight budget.

The idea of branding or paying some brand company to build their image online isn’t just a priority for them

But with this approach, you are missing out as a business. We live in an era where relationships have a strong hold on people’s choices and we as consumers and patronizers are now entitled to our choice

The big question on people’s lips now is why should we care about your business. It is no longer people looking at your business and seeing their needs and wants in them. It goes far beyond that now

People now patronize businesses based on how they make them feel, so the main discussion now is how your small business makes people feel online and offline.

With this question, you can know and learn how to build your small business brand strategy. Your brand strategy is not just some color or something we don’t understand your brand message is the story your business is built on.

How are you making people feel in this 21st century where everyone walks with their phone and the competition is tighter than before with entitled behavior?

The simple key here is basing your business message on who you are and what you stand for. You can easily plan a brand strategy around it and have it come out visible in the eyes and perception of your customers

People buy from people that look like them a wise man once said. When you as a small business owner are a family-oriented person you want that to show in your day-to-day business. Let it be the very foundation you stand on and do business on.

Show it off in your message and show it off in how you treat and approach your customers. Let people buy from you and see their values in your business that is the ultimate brand message.

When you look at branding from that perspective things start getting easier for your business.