The easiest way writers can deal with self-doubt

Samuel Madu
2 min readSep 16
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Will people read the things I write about? Will they even care enough to stick to the end?

Writers are stuck in this question, stuck on their substance and things they know

The answer to this question isn’t that difficult to find and the way around self-doubt isn’t that hidden or hard to figure out

Matter of fact it is in front of us every day. We have the answer in front of us and within us. It becomes difficult to see because we are stuck in our doubts

When you are too close to the image you don’t see the full picture and you think everything is working against you.

If you can take time to get off the fast-riding bike and thought in you you will find the answers to your self-doubt.

It is so easy to find, too easy to get out of, too easy to break out from and gain back your confidence. Confident people have figured it out and that is why they use it so effortlessly, why they continue to win effortlessly.

Nobody comes into the world with natural confidence. We all have to find our way around it and some writers have been lucky enough to find this early and easily.

For me, it took me some time and many trials and errors. I had to consistently battle my self-doubt as a writer to be able to break out of it and embrace my skill with open hands.

Yes, people do want to read your stuff, yes people do want to be inspired by the things you write about and you are a great writer but first, you need to realize one thing.

One thing that will go on to change your life and how you write. Change your self-image and how you see yourself.

It is not about asking yourself if people will read what you write about or if they will resonate with you. It is about believing that you are worthy to be read.

The one answer to your doubt is believing that you are worth everything you think about and desire to do.

The way out of your self-doubt as a writer is to continuously break out of the noise and put your content out there. Write those articles, write that story, write that novel. Write and don’t care.

Don’t care about the result of it. What matters is that you have done your part. Life is about focusing on the things you can control and ignoring everything else.

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