The Ole Chief fed me drugs and I wrote my best article to date

Samuel Madu
3 min readNov 17, 2023

It was the month’s 31st day, and the party just started. The full moon was giving out all the energy it had that night and we were ready to utilize the power.

The costume that night was insane. Never in my life have I seen such creativity taken to the extreme.

I was invited to this party by an old friend and he promised there would be a lot of booze for the night.

Booze was the keyword and the only thing that could make me leave my room and laptop on a weekday.

The friction to me accepting his request was little because this party was happening so close to my apartment anyway so what do I have to lose?

I got there and like I said everything was so beautiful and scary at the same time. This party looked so lit that it felt like a real-life cemetery and everyone was some zombie or Frankenstein of some sort (you know by now this was Halloween).

I was the only one off because for real I didn’t put in any effort to look like the theme and wasn’t going to. I was just there to get drunk and go drum on my laptop writing my article.

Well to throw that out there, writing drunk is fun and you should try it sometime. Writers are alcoholics anyway but braze yourself for a discovery.

I saw these kids trying out this stuff and merely looking at it it was so cool. I asked them what was that and they told me and told me how it made them feel. I hate having my brain down, I hate not being able to think and arrange my thoughts on paper so I gladly passed

But I continued watching these folks try this and turn Superman in minutes. They try it and in a blink, they start thinking they are Michael Jordan or Tyson.

One sang so well that I thought Michael Jackson just broke the law of nature and possessed this kid’s body from the grave. Michael no! Give him back his soul I screamed

At this point, I couldn’t take this anymore. I needed my portion of the magic juice. I needed to feel what it is like to have superpowers. I grabbed a styrofoam cup and Ole Chief mixed me some magic potion.

It smelled funny but tasted nice. I gulped it and immediately ran home. There is no other place to pour my newfound geniuses like my keyboard. While running I could feel myself flying and reaching for the stars.

At that point the stars adored me. They loved my shining light and they led me home in peace. I opened my laptop and boom the whole magic poured out. I cried, oh I cried. Pour me another cup Ole chief.

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