The simple ingredient in finding a good man with incredible qualities

What is the possible and easiest way to find love? Love means different things to the two sex, they both don’t see them from the same view or perspective but this topic is about finding a good man, it is about giving out the detail and the hint in picking out the quality in a man.

Men are not that complicated but finding a good man for you is the complicated aspect of life, everyone can find love especially in the most uncertain and unexpected places but to those that are conscious with their chase for a quality man they have to look deeper

You can only find true love in a man that isn’t starved of true love.

— H I G H — P R I E S T (@coolcatinvite) February 3, 2021

A man is not complete if he hasn’t won over himself, finding a good man might not be the quality of society but spiritual, emotional, and physical (society) value. The term quality has to go beyond what the eyes see and what the heart might feel.

A man was brought into this life to fight. He might not fight a war because probably there is no war to be fought, but the war the creator puts in every man is the war between him and himself, the war to conquer himself and be the best he can be.

In finding a good man and for a man to claim that he is a quality man you shouldn’t look at his bank account or the Benzes he drives. Finding a good man doesn’t rest on his position in his place of work but it rests on how much he has worked on himself and his shadows

As long as his shadow and vices keep a man down he is still an animal in human form. A man must elevate above the animal statue he finds himself and elevates to the God status he was created to be.

In the aspect of love and finding a good man, a man that has not done the work to elevate him to god status can never be able to handle a goddess or a woman with divine quality.

So far he doesn’t know himself yet then he can’t know anybody else on a deeper level that creates an atmosphere of meaningful and legit love.

The biggest truth in life is, people can’t give what they don’t have and will never be able to manage what they can’t manage themselves. A man still a prisoner to his lower self has nothing to offer a woman in a godly state

Love is divine love is godly, forget that we humans watered down its meaning but love can only be enjoyed by god and goddesses. There is a level to such prosperity that both must meet themselves there and in finding a good man you too must have elevated to that state of consciousness.

Most of the things we call love in a romantic relationship aren’t really love but just a watered-down definition of love because we couldn’t rise up to its status.

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When a man rises to this quality he starts having a proper understanding of himself and as long as he has a proper understanding and has control over his vices then he can properly meet up to the expectations he set for himself.

When he becomes attuned to the god state in him he can begin picking up responsibilities that he wouldn’t have picked up before.

What to look out for in finding a good man

Most men think falling in love and commitment is weak but because they are still a prisoner to their lower self. But a man who has risen to his higher purpose is no longer interested in proving to the world he is not weak, he is silent strong and not trying to prove a point about his strength. This man is complete in his ways.

Many men hide their insecurities in being a hard guy, they hide their insufficiency in trying to be tough and all this removes them from the things they are supposed to do as a man.

They think doing the things a man ought to do to keep a woman is weak. These are men still prisoners to their lower selves. The man who has worked on himself has no need for this.

It is only a man that isn’t starved of love who can love you, it is only a man that has no reason to be committed to you can really commit to you.

Men of real quality are chased up and down, they have done the work that has elevated them to God’s status and it can be seen be in their actions and their physical approaches.

In your search in finding a good man, this is what you should be looking at in a man.

A man that is complete and needs not explaining himself and his actions, a man that will stand for you and it won’t look like weakness neither do he think that way, but he will do it from the reproach of strength.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.



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