How new age writers killed traditional media

Samuel Madu
2 min readSep 13
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I don’t know what it means to be a writer before the computer age, I don’t know what it means to even use a fax or post a letter.

There are some things I will never understand when it comes to how things were done before the 90s and how creators like independent writers prevailed then.

But one thing I know for sure is that things were not as easy as it is now. I recognize the challenges and how difficult it would have been then to get published or even write something people from miles away can have the opportunity to read.

As young writers of the internet age, we have that opportunity, we have the gift of laptops and cool gadgets to put down our ideas and watch them go viral all around the globe.

We watched the opportunity of being a writer increase in front of us and we saw so many people who wouldn’t have tried being writers see themselves as independent journalist.

With the rise of “anybody can be a journalist” we saw traditional media crash and we enjoyed that experience. Platforms like Twitter (now called X unfortunately) saw people reporting live before the newspapers and blogs could catch up.

Writers suddenly started realizing that we don’t need permission to write about the things we are curious about and writers also realized that they can be their own media companies and news channel.

The platform was given to everyone who desires to have their voice heard. The dream of writing for some big publication suddenly began to fade and we started seeing the crumbling of traditional media.

Currently, I think everyone is a writer and writing down something on platforms trying to inform people or teach people the things they are curious about. Everyone now has the chance to send their opinions, findings, and whatever they are thinking to the web where millions of people can get to read them.

The only challenge we have now in a world where traditional media is dying (or already dead) is writers learning how to write well and tell their stories.

There is no longer a barrier to entry and we no longer need permission to do what we love to do therefore we need to put our focus on improving ourselves and writing.

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