Turning your addiction triggers into a vessel of productivity

The biggest problem with addiction is its ability to leave us doing less than we can do

Samuel Madu
4 min readJun 20, 2021

The worst thing that can happen to any man is the inability to have control of his day and there’s nothing that does that and pushes a man into unproductivity like his addiction. A man’s addiction brings him to the level of animals and leaves him to walk the earth without a definite aim until he learns how to make use of his addiction triggers

The biggest problem with addiction is its ability to leave us doing less than we can do, it throws us into a state of excessive procrastination and laziness. No matter what type of addiction we are suffering from one simple fact is we prioritize it above everything else

If you have been an addict or still an addict, it is not coming as news to you that you spend a huge amount of time thinking about your addiction than you spend thinking about anything else in the world. You are always looking forward to the next high or the next emotional gratification once that addiction trigger goes off.

Your desire and a strong urge for your addiction triggers push you into a state of being able to do the unimaginable just to satisfy those wants and meet up to whatever addiction you have going on in your life.

When I see homeless people and addicts roam around the street with an intense focus to quench their desire for drugs I see positivity and willpower that can be measured to non in this world we live in. That salesmanship and stories they tell you to get a dollar out of you are epic.

The huge problem now is they have refused to channel that addiction triggers into a positive desire and obsession. You see it is really difficult to get rid of your addiction, aside from it being a habit, now you have created psyche remorse with it.

A psyche response is something outside of your control that tends to make you want to satisfy that addiction within. A smell, a voice, a song, or whatever it is, are among the addiction triggers within you.

So getting out of this phase and getting out of your addiction might be like trying to create a whole new person from the start.

The simplest method of getting out of addiction is to replace that addiction with obsession. Looking at addicts already you find an undying obsession in them already but the difference is this obsession is negative and drives them into so much unproductive activity.

Channeling your addiction triggers positively

If you as an addict are trying to break out of this circle then you should begin channeling that addiction triggers you derive trying to quench your addiction into working on your obsession. Take out your negative activity and put it into your positive activity.

Any time your addiction triggers make you feel like having a smoke turn that urge of running to go buy a packet of a cigarette into taking a walk instead.

Anytime your addiction triggers start creating an urge within you to watch porn, go out, get some sun and have some fresh air.

Anytime your addiction triggers make you feel like feasting on junk go to the fruit market and have yourself some blast there.

All this is the replacement of an unhealthy desire into a healthy desire. You are not trying to fight the addiction neither are you trying to deny it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

The problem with addicts that want a cure for their addiction is that they try to deny that they are an addict. I actually met someone that has a nicotine addiction telling me the way he has been trying to break free is by looking at the mirror every morning and saying some affirmations. I laughed out loud.

Addiction is as you as you are to it, it is not something outside of you it is within and as the years go by you have created so many psychic responses that have created more addiction triggers that makes it difficult to get rid of.

Sometimes unconsciously you see certain colors and you get triggered. There are all these layers of addiction triggers that you don’t even know sitting behind the scene and you respond to them unconsciously.

Trying to deny this part of you and pretend it doesn’t exist is a really difficult road to take. Sit with it, don’t even try to repress it when the addiction triggers begin to raise their heads, rather when the urge comes see it as a time to go do something productive.

This is the ability to replace addiction with obsession and have your addiction work for you instead of destroying you. Instead of looking for a way to gratify your unproductive habit you are using that urge as a reminder to productive habit and making real use of it. It is no longer an addiction it is now an obsession

One good thing about this is, as long as you start doing this your addiction starts losing a grip on you, and the more you go on with it the more you find that you are no longer an addict but you are now obsessed with something that pushes your life forward.

This is where I end today’s article, I hope you had fun reading it and ready to implement this into your life. Remember this is an open discussion and your comment is expected.