Understanding the market language of your business

Samuel Madu
2 min readJan 17, 2024


Photo by Lucas Amorim via Pexels

If your business was to compete for attention with other businesses in a small physical location how would you stand out?

There’s an edge here for you just like there’s an edge for other businesses. The edge is you are not selling the same thing and not supposed to do the same thing.

The people are small, the customers are small but their wants and pockets are deep. One person can afford to patronize 5 different businesses and still have more but first, the business must talk about his or her needs clearly.

In the online marketplace, this is what businesses face every day. The competition is not between your competitors but yourself.

You must craft the message of your market and understand the language of your customers who are your audience.

There’s no one-fit-all content for businesses in this era. You can’t look at your neighbor’s actions and try to replicate the process.

The content that stands out these days is singular and carries the creator’s DNA for a particular audience.

People want to buy from those that they resonate with. People want to patronize those that make them seen.

You are not just selling a product now and talking to an audience trying to convince them to take action but rather you are trying to befriend them. Make them comfortable.

The old marketing dwelled on trust which is still a valuable concept today but the new way of getting people to care is about having them feel more.

The way to this can be through entertainment and infotainment. Businesses now must understand that they are not just ordinary service or product providers but something more catering to the emotional needs of their audience