What writers need to understand about figuring it out

Samuel Madu
2 min readSep 18
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There’s only one way I have known for writers to flourish in their career and sometimes that way can be weird and unbelievable.

I call it unbelievable because writers rarely believe in that path when in reality it is what makes them stand out and stand tall.

Writers think their best work will come when they find some special answers or hacks to writing.

They think there’s some laid-out map to this thing called writing and once they find the map everything becomes okay.

Some think they have to be experts to address topics with confidence. They think they need to be in that field to be taken seriously.

Writers want to feel like it, feel like they should embody everything they desire to talk about, and be the precise definition of their stories and content.

But they fail to realize something, they fail to understand that missing this thing is taking away the originality in them and having them suffer in vain.

Writers continue to suffer in their creativity and get stuck in their process because they failed to realize this answer. They have failed to embrace their stories and selves with open hands.

The more we think there is something out there the more we ignore who we are.

As writers our greatest strength is in not having it all together. No writer has everything figured out. The best among us are writers who have made peace with that fact.

Writers who understand their strength lies in their vulnerability and how honest they are with the level and mental state they are in tell great stories.

There’s no formula out there waiting for us to utilize. There is no map out there we can use in finding our way to great writing. The only thing that exists is our vulnerability and honesty.

Until you have learned to accept yourself and where you are mentally this will be difficult for you to embrace.

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