Writers and creatives are the original brand strategists but they are unaware of it.

Samuel Madu
2 min readDec 20, 2023


Photo by Ellie Burgin via Pexels

As a writer and a creative do you need a brand strategy to be able to do the work you do and if so how do you approach this?

This is one question I have asked myself for so long but I came to realize that all writers and creatives have been doing it even without realizing it. It has always been there in front of us but not that we are consciously creating it.

As humans, we are always telling and showing the world how to see us and perceive us in their imagination or consciousness. The writer and creative is a human, unlike a business that is lifeless and has to be given life by definition and branding.

We are creatives being creative by expressing everything in our world and telling stories that only we can be able to tell them. We are putting our print into everything we choose to create and everything we make has our DNA in them.

You can classify that as branding already even if it is a loose branding and have no strong message behind it that helps people know what we are doing and how they can approach us from that perspective.

The aim of conscious brand strategy for the writer and creative is to consciously fuse their creation with who they are and who they want to be creating for.

As creative we have this thing in our mind where we think that we are making things for everyone and trying to talk to everyone. Most times such an approach never works.

The world is way too big for such an approach and the people in it are way too many. So we have to create a space for ourselves in the world where only us and the people we desire to share something with exist alone

We don’t have to struggle to go wide. We have to take who we are and the things we are creating and go deep instead. Find who care and create for those who care. This is the reason why most time it is great to define who we are and who we are creating for.

This doesn’t mean we box ourselves in, this just means we make it easier for the people interested in what we are creating to be able to find us easily amid all the noise in the world and consciously branded content and creation can be that answer we seek.