Writers find fame and start hiding in words

Samuel Madu
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Imposter syndrome is real among writers with recognition and it doesn’t just end at that. Writers with recognition suffer more.

For writers with recognition, it feels like the whole world is watching and expecting them to fail or fall back below.

The idea of consistency can be draining and choosing to stay on top of their game always can also result in mental exhaustion. Many questions are being asked in periods like this and with those questions, the writer comes to one final answer

That answer is the silencing and censoring themselves to continue appealing to people and keeping everyone happy. At that conclusion, they lose their originality and creativity.

It becomes a game of repetition and not proper research anymore. They begin to treat writing as a thing of formula, something we should repeatedly do and get this result.

For writers stuck on this path they need to understand their originality and thorough content made the audience interested in the first place. Their open-mindedness and how fearless they address their message made the audience stick to them.

It is true imposter syndrome is a thing when you get up there in your career but never let it define who you are and your process.

I call imposter syndrome the sickness of progress and as long as you are reaching a new height in your career you are likely to feel insecure about it sometimes or feel like you don’t even belong there.

All these fears are bound to occur but the solution isn’t to run to the side of timidness every time you find yourself suffering from doubt in your career.

Stick to what got you there in the first place and improve on it. Give the audience what they want but always continue improving and growing in your skill and how you pass your message.

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