Writers should understand this first before finding a niche.

Samuel Madu
2 min readSep 19
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Life is easy when writers know their audience. It creates a feeling of direction but not arrival

it can be easier if they combine a certain type of knowledge with the knowledge of their audience

As writers, we spend majority of our time trying to know where we belong and who we belong to.

Some writers are told they have to niche down and talk to a particular type of people to get the recognition they deserve.

I know some writers who will never take the path of niching down because their curiosity is wide and their taste comes in different varieties.

But whether you choose to niche down or not, choose to be a path of a community, or allow your curiosity to run you wild there is only one simple thing that matters.

Writers fail to come to terms with this thing and instead chase vague things and tell themselves fake stories about why they should continue finding the right spot for themselves.

Because we have no idea of what truly matters when it comes to our writing career we tend to put our focus on finding the right audience.

But here’s the truth, it doesn’t matter if you niche down or not. What matters as a writer is being in alignment with the things you create.

When writers write from a place of misalignment to please an audience or belong to a space it will be difficult to maintain pace and stay consistent.

Writing is supposed to be an expression of self. It should feel like waking up every morning to share a little bit of yourself with the world.

Your message should come in alignment with who you are. It should be a reflection of who you are. That is what gives it the human effect at the end of the day.

To create and have that writer-reader relationship you must be ready to give the people all of you and be honest with who you are.

So in as much as you think finding the right audience is the peak of writing, you need to come to terms with and understand that your message must align with who you are first before it meets the audience.

So many writers have put the audience before themselves and created a message that misaligned with their personalities only to hate themselves and everything they make.

Don’t fall for the audience’s first narratives and try to find where you, your message, and your audience meet at a spot.

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